President’s Message

Susanne SchutzThank you for taking an interest in Classical Feng Shui, and in Suzhong Consulting. Having lived and worked in Asia for 20 years, Feng Shui has always been a part of my life – although in the beginning it was simply a general curiosity that drove me to learn more about the subject matter. Over the years, this curiosity has developed into a passion and I decided to pursue it in a more serious manner and make this fascinating aspect of Chinese culture more accessible to the foreign communities in Asia.

Our Classical Feng Shui audits aim to provide families, individuals, companies and corporations with the very best Classical Feng Shui has to offer. Classical Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese tradition, popular and widely practiced in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. Many multinational enterprises in Asia design and arrange their offices and corporate headquarters with the help of a Classical Feng Shui consultant. Our goal is to help you maximize your life and career potential by streamlining your living and working environment to best facilitate the reaching of your goals. Classical Feng Shui prides itself on its rich cultural and scientific background and is one very effective way to improve your life in Asia and lead you to success in business and harmony in your personal life.

With all this in mind, choosing the right consultant is extremely important if you wish to succeed. Through my personal work experience as a business and management consultant in Asia, I have seen and worked on a myriad of business projects in China. I believe that this experience has given me a unique background and insight into the more business-related aspects of Feng Shui, and what individuals and companies might need when using a Feng Shui consultant. Having practiced Classical Feng Shui in Southeast Asia for several years now, I have conducted audits for businesses and residential properties not only for expat clients, but also for Chinese/Asian clientele. I have experience working with interior designers and architects, and often give public talks and workshops that aim to educate the layperson about the principles of Classical Feng Shui.

Take some time to look through our website’s information about the various Feng Shui consulting services we provide. I hope the information you find on our website will give you a better understanding of Suzhong Consulting and how we can assist you in Asia.

I am looking forward to help you with any Feng Shui consulting services you may need and I would be proud to become part of your personal and professional success story!


Susanne Schutz