Client Feedback

I recently attended Susanne’s presentation on “Classical Feng Shui for Your Apartment” and highly recommend it to anyone interested in this fascinating subject. Susanne has a deep knowledge of the matter, and made the class both fun and informative. Our group learned a lot of new things that are very practical, and uncovered some mysteries about what can cause sleepless nights, or what kind environment is better for decision making. Highly recommended!

(Yelena Z., SE Asia)

I am delighted to recommend Susanne Schutz for her residential Feng Shui consulting services. She performed a Feng Shui audit on a flat that I bought.

I chose Susanne because of her professionalism and rigorous training with a well-respected Feng Shui master. I especially appreciated her in-depth written report and follow-up consultation, in which she explained her findings and recommendations in great detail.

For those who think only an Asian face can be a Feng Shui expert, I challenge you to consider that what is most important is mastery of Feng Shui knowledge, its application, and clear communication to the client.
Susanne checks all of these boxes.

(B. Lee, SE Asia)

Attending Susanne’s Feng Shui walk was fantastic and is definitely one of my favorite experiences in Hong Kong. It was wonderful to walk around the great city amongst the iconic buildings that make up the famous skyline and learn from Susanne about how and why the buildings have used Feng Shui. It was fascinating and Feng Shui is far less myth and a lot more fact than you realize. Susanne is very knowledgeable and it was the best value for enjoyment and learning i have spent in HK! 

(Hannah Smith, SE Asia)

Susanne’s explanations are clear, logical and convincing. On her Feng Shui walks, you get to see and discover a lot more than you might think.

(Michael Wan, SE Asia)

Susanne Schutz – The most conscientious, enthusiastic and professional Feng Shui Master I have ever met.

I believe in Feng Shui. But to be honest, most of the traditional suggestions / suggested decorations for Feng Shui purposes are incomprehensible and hard to accept for this generation. 

Until I met Susanne, I attended her Feng Shui talk, I have learnt a lot of ways which are more practical and reasonable. She not only told you, but also explained to you!   I really enjoyed her talk. She is conscientious, enthusiastic and professional. I wish her continuous success and look forward to seeing her to become one of the famous Feng Shui Masters in Asia! 

(Kaman Fong, SE Asia)

I have consulted Suzhong Consulting – Susanne Schutz – for the evaluation of an interview date. The evaluation of the person was absolutely astounding and precise. The feedback on the date itself was very helpful. I thank her for her input. 

I have also attended several of Susanne’s talks and walks on Feng Shui. ALL very extremely interesting and eye opening. She explains the fundamentals of Feng Shui very well. Now I understand the philosophy and science of Feng Shui much better!

Thank you Susanne!

(Marcie, SE Asia)

After attending an introduction to Feng Shui lead by Susanne Schutz, I learnt how to activate the wealth sector in my house, and I took the steps to follow Susanne’s advice and activate it.  Three days later my wife and I won 3rd prize in our local lottery – the Mark Six.  And opportunities have been so abundant ever since! 

I also engaged Susanne to assess the Feng Shui in our new home.  I was impressed at how detailed and in-depth the report was and more impressed about the practical suggestions for the various remedies.  There was no-need for extravagant remedies. Everything was simple to set up and we did not have to use unusual and unorthodox figures. Very straight forward and no messing about. Susanne is professional, detailed and gets the work done quickly and with a lot of depth and knowledgeable suggestions. If you have not yet had a chance to work with Susanne I recommend that you do soon! 

(Brett Cameron, SE Asia)

I attended one of Susanne’s talks about Feng Shui following Chinese New Year 2015 and found her presentation fascinating.  She provided us with dates and times that would  be particularly lucky for bringing certain things into our lives regarding career, health, wishes and financial security and discussed what to do during those specific dates and times…I meditated on the “All Wishes Come True” day back in May and I’m happy to report that I’m between 13-14 weeks pregnant with a little boy! It’s amazing and I’m so thankful…

I had scheduled for Susanne to come to our house…While I was initially interested in the audit to learn more about Feng Shui, I was guided by Susanne through the process and realized that I had a very “Western” view of Feng Shui and she helped me to move beyond that…As my husband and I had just been married the month before, it was easy to decide that the goal for the audit would be “a healthy and happy marriage”- which was quite a surprise to Susanne as she said the majority of the intentions people focused on were financial.  

When Susanne arrived at our flat, it was so wonderful to talk with her and watch as she performed the audit on our flat.  Not only did I learn a great deal about Feng Shui, but she provided us with a great deal of information regarding the energy in our home.  She offered several suggestions of things we could do in our home to shift the energy to better support our goals regarding career, love and well-being, finances and security.  While my husband thought that the water, candles, and metal items I placed around the house were a bit ridiculous, he stopped laughing when 2015 became one of the best years of our lives.  He received the largest bonus he has ever received, my stepson graduated from high school and was accepted to the college of his choice, and I was able to realize one of the biggest dreams of my life- to become a Mom, as we conceived my son (to be born in May 2016) in our home, before relocating back to the US, from Hong Kong.   

Susanne’s audit and support that she provided was well-informed, thorough and quite amazing to me.  We are getting ready to move into our new house in California and I wish Susanne was here to help us discover the energies in our new home as well!

Thanks Susanne!

(Misty Castaneda, USA)