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Feng Shui Tips for the month of the Metal Goat, July 7 – August 6, 2014

Goat CalligraphyThe month of the Metal Goat is approaching rapidly, so let’s try to prepare ourselves for what the Goat has in store for us!

The best sector this month for monetary gains and new business ventures is the North sector of your office/house. Use this sector when discussing new business ideas. Especially people working in the property and real estate business will benefit from using the North sector more frequently. 

If you are looking or thinking about new sources of income and want to come up with new and prosperous business ideas, it might be best to do your brainstorming in the South sector of your house or office. It is the wealth sector of the month and will help you prosper. 

At the same time, the South is also the sector you should make use of when you’re single and looking! Give this sector in your house a good and thorough cleaning and spend more time there than usual and your romance luck will be greatly improved. The same goes for the Southwest sector – but only for singles!

Couples and people in a committed relationship should avoid the Northeast sector in the Goat month. There is a high potential for misunderstandings and disharmony. 

The most problematic area of the Goat month is the Southeast sector. Especially in an office context this room/sector should be avoided, lest you create discord among your staff. The Northeast sector has similar issues this month. 

The East sector is not the best sector if you have to take any important decisions this month. Place your work desk in a different sector, especially when you are working on an important business deal where a clear head and focus is required. 

But most importantly – keep a healthy mindset and know that all is temporary. Luck will change – good and bad. Stay tuned for next month’s Feng Shui tips!

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