Feng Shui Tips for the month of the Water Monkey, August 7 – September 7, 2014

IB_S_BASIC_COPYRIGHT =Unfortunately, the summer is almost over and most of us are back at the office. But cheer up, all you need is a little bit of good Feng Shui and there will be no monkey business in the month of the Water Monkey!The best sectors this coming month are the South, Southwest and East sectors. Use the South to increase your authority at work or to gain more recognition from your boss. 
If you need to do some financial planning for the rest of the year, then best do it in the Southwest sector of your home or office. 
Those in real estate benefit most from the East sector. 

The South and Southeast are also very good for those who need to prepare for exams or tests, or generally for people who need to immerse themselves in academic matters.

The problem areas next month are in the Northwest and Northeast, so better stay clear of these areas. 
The Northwest is especially bad for relationships and can cause arguments and disagreements. For a company, it’s also not advisable to hold your staff meetings in this sector of your office lest you are prepared to face complications and arguments. 

The Northeast will be responsible for a lot of disagreements and misunderstandings, so try not to use this sector too much. Additionally, legal issues might arise when using this sector in your home or office. 

With this in mind, we wish you a successful,month of the Water Monkey!

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