Dog Calligraphy II

Feng Shui Tips for the month of the Wood Dog, October 8 – November 6, 2014

Dog Calligraphy IITime flies and without even realizing autumn is upon us! Let’s have a look what we can do to benefit most from the month of the Wood Dog!

The problem areas this month are concentrated firmly in all of the North sectors: Northeast, North, Northwest. While it would be best to avoid these areas of your home or office altogether, it is often not avoidable to spend at least some time there. Just keep in mind the following:

The North sector will affect your health, as well as your decision-making abilities negatively this month. Try to move major meetings to other areas of your office and only use the North sector for routine jobs. This is also not a great area for couples, this month. If your bedroom is located in the North sector of the house, be aware that smaller conflicts could arise. 
In case you’re planning to take a holiday or a business trip, try to avoid activating the Northeast sector (i.e. don’t install any water features there, do not conduct any renovation work, and generally do not spend much time in this sector), as this could lead to lost or stolen luggage when you take that trip.
Activating or spending much time in the Northwest sector, on the other hand, could lead to an increase in misunderstandings and miscommunication – both at home and at work. Legal problems might also await, so it would be best to not spend too much time here.

On a more positive note, all South sectors are blessed with positive Qi this month!
The South itself will be very favorable for all spiritual pursuits and will help you calm down and relax. It is also a great area for couples – so if you have the option to sleep in a South room this month, rather than a North room, do it to improve your relationship and avoid naggin
g conflicts. 

The Southwest is ideal for business pursuits and opens doors to new partnerships. Important meetings should be held in this sector of your office to maximize favorable conditions. In your home, this area will help your romantic prospects and using or activating this area will allow you to meet more potential partners – especially when you’re single. 
The Southeast will support anybody who is in the process of studying for an exam or writing an important paper. If you need to focus on a particular task that requires academic research, best do so in the Southeast sector of your home or office. 

Stay tuned for next month’s Feng Shui tips!

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