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Mountain Water

Give me Mountains, give me Water!

Mountain WaterThough Feng Shui translates into “Wind & Water”, we Feng Shui practitioners are actually more interested in the mountains and water sources in our environment. 

Qi flows down the mountains, is dispersed by wind, and stops at the edges of water. It therefore follows that in looking for an ideal spot for our house/flat or a bigger settlement like a village or even a city, we must make sure that we have “good” mountains, that there’s not too much wind, and most importantly, that we have a water source that keeps the Qi from escaping. Continue reading

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Feng Shui Master Guo Pu, author of the classic Burial Book

What can Feng Shui do for you?

Many people ask what Feng Shui can actually do for you. There is a common misconception that Feng Shui is all about making somebody rich and powerful. However, Classical Feng Shui has much more to offer than that. I look at Feng Shui as the art of assessing the quality of your life and, where necessary, the art of improving certain aspects of your living environment in order to make you feel better and more in tune with what’s happening around you. And this does not always mean that you get rich in the process. Continue reading

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