What is Date Selection?

Ze Ri Date Selection is an ancient Chinese metaphysical science that has a 5,000-year history. The ancient emperors relied on the counsel of their imperial court advisors, who specialized in the Art of Date Selection, before deciding on any course of action to be undertaken – be it for matters of the state, warfare, political affairs, and even when to sue for peace with rivaling kings and rulers.

By observing the phenomena that took place in the Heavens over the centuries, and co-relating each specific phenomenon to an event or outcome that took place on Earth, the Chinese came to realize that the movement of – and changes in – celestial bodies do influence the energies, called “Qi”, that are present on Earth. And Qi, in turn, affects human beings, our activities, and generally speaking, our lives.

This is what makes Chinese Date Selection unique: Things do not happen at random. Instead, due to the cyclical yet dynamic nature of Qi, an event or occurrence that has happened in the past, WILL actually happen again – the only question is WHEN. Hence, by understanding and calculating the Qi cycles, the Chinese were able to conceive the immensely accurate science of Ze Ri 择 日.

Generally, there are two components that fall under the study of Date Selection:

  • Personal Date Selection
  • Feng Shui Date Selection

Date Selection advisory services are available for a variety of important activities that need to get off to a good start in order to proceed smoothly. Using Date Selection techniques enables you to avoid bad dates and go for good dates instead. This allows you to ensure success and avoid unforeseeable complications and difficulties.

Some of the more popular important activities for which we provide Date Selection services are:

  • Business Openings
  • Contract Signings
  • Launches
  • Marriage Date
  • Renovation Date
  • Move-in Date
  • Ground-breaking
  • Feng Shui Immunization
  • Feng Shui Emergency Cures

Document signings are a fundamental aspect of a business. As it solidifies deals, mergers and projects in black and white, you might want to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Using Date Selection techniques, you might want to avoid the bad dates and go for good dates.

This allows you to ensure the success of your contract signing and avoid unforeseeable complications

Personal Date Selection

Personal Date Selection enables us to select the most suitable date to undertake a specific activity or endeavor, subject to our own capacity in life – which can be seen from our Bazi. This approach can be used for virtually any activity – from selecting a date for a Caesarean birth delivery, to making an appointment for a political meeting between heads of state.

The most common activities date selection is used for nowadays are:

  • Marriage
  • The signing of business deals or legal contracts
  • Prayer and worship
  • The commencement or launching of commercial activities
  • Personal or work-related travel


Feng Shui Date Selection

Feng Shui Date Selection enables us to select the most ideal date on which an activity or endeavor can be undertaken, so as to activate or tap into the optimum Qi present on that very date. This approach is usually used by Feng Shui Masters to ensure that their clients undertake an activity on a date that matches the Feng Shui of their homes or businesses.

The most common Feng Shui Date Selection activities are:

  • Moving into a new home or residence
  • Commencing renovation or groundbreaking works
  • The installation of Feng Shui cures and remedies
  • Burial