Can Chinese Metaphysics Detect Signs Of Potential Betrayal?

In love, there is no right or wrong. Everyone has different needs. But true love is based on common trust, and that trust is the most difficult to repair once it’s gone. In love, we tend to give unconditionally. This is why it is all the more painful when the trust we’ve put in someone else to honour our feelings is broken. 

Can Chinese Metaphysics detect signs of potential betrayal? The answer is yes. There are certain signs we can look out for in a person’s Bazi chart and a person’s face that help us analyse the likelihood of a breach of trust and outright betrayal. 

Sign 1: Lack of Earth Element

stability the earth element


The Earth element is essential in anyone’s chart because it provides us with a degree of safety, stability and reliability. If the Earth element is missing entirely from a person’s Bazi chart, the person is likely not very stable and it would be wise not to trust them 100%. They often lack mental and emotional stability and do not have a strong foundation. 

They are wanderers and keep changing – be that personally, professionally or even geographically. If, on the other hand, you have a lot of Earth in the chart then you tend to be more likely to be taken advantage of because you trust too much. 

Sign 2: High Percentage of Rob Wealth and/or Hurting Officer

The higher the percentage of a person’s Friend Star, the more insecure this person is and the more likely it is this person will push other people away with their insecurity. On a subconscious level, they somehow don’t feel or know or understand why other people could like them. 

On the other hand, a high percentage of Rob Wealth means you often take things from other people or others take things from you. It is a red flag when it comes to relationship analyses. If you have no Rob Wealth element in the Natal chart and it suddenly comes in through a Luck Pillar, you may get robbed of things. 

A high percentage of Hurting Officer has the same effect, especially when it is rooted – both for male and female charts. For women, it will naturally push away the Direct Officer, which is their Spouse Star. But from a personality perspective, these people think they can do anything they want. If something better comes along, they will just go for the better option, even if it is only better on the surface. 

Sign 3: Harms in the Natal Chart

harms in the natal chart


A Harm often involves a betrayal. If you have a Harm in your Natal Chart you tend to hurt others because they have hurt you. These people know how to betray others if they have to. 

If it comes in through an Annual Pillar or a Luck Pillar, then there is a high chance that you will get hurt and/or betrayed. 

Sign 4: Rabbit – Rooster in the Natal Chart

The Rabbit – Rooster clash is also called the “Betrayal Clash”. 

If you see this in a Natal Chart you have to be careful. But it depends heavily on where it appears. If it is between the Day Pillar and Hour Pillar it is internal; if it is between the Month Pillar and the Year Pillar it is external. 

Internal = They will often betray others because their internal character leads them to betrayal. 

External = They have been betrayed by others, or external circumstances betray them. 

If it is between the Day Pillar and the Month Pillar, then external circumstances will lead to them betraying their spouse. If either the Rabbit or the Rooster is in Death & Emptiness, then the person won’t feel the betrayal. 

Sign 5: Bing Fire & Xin Metal Combination in the Natal Chart

fire metal clash bazi astrology betrayal

The Bing Fire – Xin Metal combination is also called the “Betrayal Combination”. 

If it is in the Natal Chart, then the person knows how to betray people if they want to do so. It is a red flag, but whether or not they act on their impulses depends heavily on their value systems.

Furthermore, someone who has this particular combination in their chart is overly lustful and tends to be sexually insatiable. Therefore, they will always be on the lookout.