Yijing Feng Shui is a very different school of Feng Shui than the Classical School of Feng Shui and is not concerned with Ba Zhai, and only marginally with Xuan Kong Flying Stars.

Instead, Yijing Feng Shui draws on the strength and the representations of the 8 Guas to analyze the external landforms forms and determines the overall long-term and short-term luck by associating each landform with a Gua, and then evaluating the interrelationship between these Guas in relation to the property location.

Internally, remedies are based on the 64 Hexagrams and the aim is to form an auspicious Hexagram by combining the sector that needs a remedy with an appropriate element/Gua.

Potential internal issues are determined by looking at seniority of a family member, associating this family member with a Gua, then relating it to the Gua the person spends most time in. This can give you not just the explanation for existing problems, but can also predict future issues that may crop up.

Lastly, house numbers and their association with Hexagrams also have a great impact on career, wealth, family and relationships.


Students will learn:

  • To analyze external landforms with the help of Trigrams
  • To evaluate landforms to back-engineer past issues and be prepared and find solutions for potential future issues caused by landforms
  • To identify and place the correct remedies in accordance with the Hexagram that is needed in any particular case
  • To understand all 64 Hexagrams in their Feng Shui context
  • To align the main door, stove, bed and desk according to Period 9 with the help of Hexagrams
  • To decode and interpret house numbers in order to predict issues with any given flat or house


  • Firm knowledge of the 8 Trigrams, how to use the Small Taiji, how to use a Luopan.
  • The course with NOT explain the basics of Feng Shui (Classical or otherwise).

Venue: Online

Date: May 21, 24, 28, 31 & June 4, 7 2022

Time: 10am – 1pm Moscow time (3 hours/session)

Language: English with Russian translation

The event is ongoing.


May 21 2022 - Jun 07 2022


Natalie Tsay


Natalie Tsay
+7 965 208 88 99

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