What is Bazi Astrology?

Bazi Astrology is an ancient Chinese metaphysical science that studies the factors of time, space, people, behavior, and events that influence a person’s life from the day he or she was born. It is essentially a map of your destiny, outlining the challenges and opportunities awaiting you. A Bazi Chart analyzes a person’s life path.

Bazi literally means “Eight Characters” in Chinese. It is also known as Si Zhu 四柱, or the Four Pillars of Destiny.

Why Eight Characters? Simply because a Bazi Chart consists of Four Pillars or Columns, each containing two characters. These Four Pillars that make up a Bazi Chart consist of your year, month, day and hour of birth. The upper character is called the Heavenly Stem (天干), and the lower character is known as the Earthy Branch (地支).

The science of Bazi revolves around the Five Elements. A Bazi Chart is plotted by assigning the time-related details of a person’s birth in the form of the Five Elements. As a result, our destiny and the people, events, and situations in our lives are all analyzed by first interpreting the arrangement and formation of these elements in the Bazi Chart. In addition, each element has a Yin or Yang polarity, which changes over time.

The Bazi Chart is set at the time of your birth as a result of the cosmic energies (Qi) that are prevalent at the particular time, day, month and year. Bazi recognizes that certain Qi can represent Water, Wood, Fire, Metal or Earth and that these Qi qualities interact with and influence each other, as well as the events that life has in store for you – be that career, relationship, wealth or health prospects.

Bazi is about doing the Right Thing, at the Right Time, and in the Right Place.

Bazi Reading

A Bazi Astrology Reading will give you insights into your inherent strengths and weaknesses, your hidden talents and forthcoming opportunities, potential health risks, wealth opportunities and relationships – both romantic and professional. It is a great tool to give you guidance whenever you are faced with important life decisions or if you simply wish to gain clarity over your life path.

Aspects that Bazi looks into are: Life goals, wealth, family, relationships, social life, career, health, pregnancy & marriage.

Bazi Profile

Bazi Profiling is a popular tool for corporate HR departments who do want to rely solely on modern psychology and personality tests when hiring high profile candidates. A Bazi Profile give deeper insights into the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate, tells you how an individual acts in a high-stress or high-adrenaline situation, how he/she interacts with co-workers, subordinates, clients and customers, and how he/she handles negotiations.

The information is based on the job candidate’s date and time of birth and does not have to rely on the candidate answering pre-determined questions that are easily manipulated.

Annual Assessment

An Annual Bazi Assessment gives you clear guidance for the upcoming year for all aspects of life and will help you navigate any situation with clearer optics so you can take better decisions and make each year a successful one.