Natalie Tsay / Russia

Natalie Tsay is the exclusive representative for Master Susanne in Moscow.

Natalie has more than 15 years of professional experience in marketing and event management.

Driven by her passion for Chinese Metaphysics, she has been facilitating Metaphysics events all over Russia and for Russians abroad since 2009.

Contact Info:

+7 (965) 208 88 99

SEVA Experience / UAE & US

SEVA is here to be a facilitator of your journey, your creative highest destiny, and your mission on Earth. SEVA offers a wide spectrum of instruments to inspire your growth and support your expansion. SEVA continues its journey as a virtual experience platform connecting people at a global scale in the context of its motto “You are the journey”.

SEVA was founded by Eda Gungor and Shadi Enbashi. Eda is a spiritual entrepreneur who founded Life’n One in Dubai in 2014, as the wellbeing mainstay of the city. Shadi joined Eda in 2017 and together they transformed the center into SEVA. Susanne has and continues to be a vital advisor guiding Eda and Shadi in their journey express through SEVA.

Contact Info:

+971 56 534 2899