Natalie Tsay / Russia

Natalie Tsay is the exclusive representative for Master Susanne in Moscow.

Natalie has more than 15 years of professional experience in marketing and event management.

Driven by her passion for Chinese Metaphysics, she has been facilitating Metaphysics events all over Russia and for Russians abroad since 2009.

Contact Info:

+7 (965) 208 88 99

Solace / UAE & GCC

Under the tutelage of experienced Reiki Master Liza Gonzales, Wellness at Solace is a hub for Wellness and Holistic Healing, offering a diverse range of services including reiki, tarot, yoga, and sound healing, fostering a distinctive and intuitive approach.

Our mission is to guide individuals in rediscovering their best Selves by addressing mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic needs practically and functionally.

Inspired by the transformative power of Chinese Metaphysics under Master Susanne Schutz, Solace is dedicated to sharing these practices in the GCC, providing life-changing solutions.

Contact Info:

+971 58 891 1738

Ada Pizon / US

Ada Pizon is an experienced real estate broker with a passion for luxury housing and the real estate investment market. Along with her partner Ken Wong, she specializes in real estate investing and property management. Her goal is to help investors grow their wealth through smart and profitable real estate and property deals.Contact Info:

+1 (916) 888 8535