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Bazi Plotter

Your Bazi chart tells your life potential, like a map of your life’s journey. Who you are, how you behave, your gifts, talents, strengths, weaknesses, and personalities can are revealed in full color. The chart also allows you to understand any potential or hidden opportunities, and equally important the obstructions and threats that you are exposed to.

Qimen Dunjia Destiny Plotter

Qi Men Dun Jia is about placing people “in the right place at the right time”, mainly utilized to forecast an individual’s luck through the aspects of time and space. Zhuge Liang, the most accomplished strategist during the Three Kingdoms Era of China, has been noted for applying Qi Men Dun Jia to gain victory over legendary battles.

In the modern world, Qi Men Dun Jia can be widely used in our daily activities such as developing management philosophies, political campaigns, marketing strategies, business negotiation and even sports team tactics.

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