Hong Kong

Cheung Kong Center

Cheung Kong Center

Feng Shui audit for a banking institution and their trading floor.

Oxford House

Corporate Feng Shui audit for an ATM company.

Devon House

Did a corporate Feng Shui project for an international consulting firm

One Taikoo Place

Corporate Feng Shui project for an international consulting firm.


K11 Shanghai


Corporate Feng Shui project for an international consulting firm.


Kerry Plaza Shenzhen

Kerry Plaza

Corporate Feng Shui project for an international consulting firm.


What clients have to say

Slide "I am delighted to recommend Susanne Schutz for her residential Feng Shui consulting services. She performed a Feng Shui audit on a flat that I bought.
I chose Susanne because of her professionalism and rigorous training with a well-respected Feng Shui Master. I especially appreciated her in-depth written report and follow-up consultation, in which she explained her findings and recommendations in great detail.

For those who think only an Asian face can be a Feng Shui expert, I challenge you to consider that what is most important is mastery of Feng Shui knowledge, its application, and clear communication to the client.

Susanne checks all of these boxes."

(B. Lee, Hong Kong)

Slide "I have had the pleasure of receiving the exceptional services of Susanne Schutz for both my office and my home.

I have also had my Bazi Reading done with her.

Susanne is passionate and dedicated to her trade, and provides a very detailed analysis.

So be ready!

You will learn more than you realized – and then some. I highly recommend you to reach out to her and receive the benefits and advantages that her consultations offer."

(B. Cameron, Hong Kong)

Slide "I attended one of Susanne’s talks about Feng Shui following Chinese New Year 2015 and found her presentation fascinating.

She provided us with dates and times that would be particularly lucky for bringing certain things into our lives regarding career, health, wishes and financial security and discussed what to do during those specific dates and times…I meditated on the “All Wishes Come True” day back in May and I’m happy to report that I’m between 13-14 weeks pregnant with a little boy! It’s amazing and I’m so thankful…

I was able to realize one of the biggest dreams of my life- to become a Mom.

Thanks Susanne!"

(M. Castaneda, USA)

Slide "With the abundance of online resources, it is easy to become an amateur Feng Shui practitioner. But these resources are unverifiable, unreliable, and rarely accurate.

When I met Susanne, I was exactly that - an amateur Feng Shui practitioner.

I had relied heavily on inaccurate online information to advance my basic knowledge. Susanne's first lesson was a lesson of unlearning.

She asked me to forget all I have learned, and invited me to take a transformative journey into classical Feng Shui.

I learned the ins and outs of the practice and had the opportunity to witness its influence on the ground.

Her trainings served as my foundation. Since then, I have acquired my advanced trainings and still find her available for guidance, and if it was not for Susanne's direction, I would still be lost online!"

(Sara, Dubai/UAE)