What is Qimen Dunjia?

Qimen Dunjia is an ancient yet practical Chinese Metaphysics art that has many applications in its use, including forecasting, destiny analysis, and warfare. Zhuge Lian is one of the most famous Qimen Dunjia Masters of the old times.

Zhuge Liang, also known as the Sleeping Dragon, was most famous for his conduct in the Battle of Red Cliffs, where he helped his realm, Shu, obtain an alliance with Wu in order to fight off the armies of Cao Cao of Wei.

During that battle, the Shu-Wu alliance wanted to make an attack using fire ships, however, the winds in the battleground were not favorable. Wu’s strategist, Zhou Yu, wanted to call the attack off, however, he was reassured by Zhuge Liang that the winds will blow in the correct direction at a specific hour. Zhuge Liang instructed the soldiers to construct an elaborate altar, in which he would pray in order to get the winds to change. In reality, he had already used the art of Qi Men Dun Jia to foresee that the wind will start blowing the correct way at the hour he mentioned.

The altar was built as a showpiece to the Wei spies and generals to convince them that something else was going on. In the end, the strategy worked. Wu’s general, Huang Gai, was ready with his fire ships. When the direction of the winds changed, Huang Gai used his ships to set fire to the entire Wei fleet, inflicting a heavy blow.

Thanks to Zhuge Liang’s usage of Qimen Dunjia, Wei’s attack was repulsed, giving the Shu-Wu alliance a huge victory over their rival. In the same vein, QiMen can be used in the modern times for warfare, specifically, business wars. QiMen has been used by business tycoons, CEOs, and other company heads in their  business decisions, allowing them an unseen but significant advantage over their competitors.

Qimen Dunjia can also be applied in many other ways, but ultimately, a person who understands and implements QiMen into their daily life will be able to live happier, better and wealthier lives.

Qimen Dunjia Destiny Analysis

Do you find yourself at a turning point in life? Are you questioning your life decision or do you simply want to know whether you’re on the right path? Then a Qimen Destiny Analysis is for you. It helps answer questions such as “Why am I here?”, “What are my life lessons?”, “What is my life purpose?” and “Why am I constantly going through the same struggles and is there something I can do about it?”

Qimen Dunjia Forecasting & Strategic Execution

With Qimen Forecasting you are able to take the right decisions in different situations – whether they be questions about investments, law suits, illnesses, business deals, loan applications, etc. Qimen Strategic Execution, on the other hand, can help you pick the perfect time and strategy to carry out important activities.