Explaining Feng Shui Cures

In Classical Feng Shui we do not like “object placement”, i.e. the placing of “lucky” objects and figurines. Classical Feng Shui uses only elemental cures in their purest forms.

Earth cure: Soil, bricks, stones, marble, rocks, rock or stone sculptures, etc. The object(s) must be at least 10kg in weight to have any effect.

Water cure: Aquariums are not needed; a Water cure can be much simpler. It can be a simple bucket or large jar or vase filled with water. The container should be at least 2-3 feet deep and about 1 foot in diameter. It must be open at the top. A water/air pump used in an aquarium should be inserted to keep the water moving. The water must be changed every 1-2 weeks so it doesn’t become stagnant.

Salt can be added to the water in order to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. The salt is merely a hygienic measure and has nothing at all to do with the effectiveness of the cure.

Metal cure: Brass, bronze, copper or solid steel only. Aluminium is NOT considered metal, which is why most household appliances do NOT qualify as a metal cure. Dumbbells, or weights that are used in a gym or for a workout are a great option, as long as they are not covered in plastic. The metal object must be at least 10kg in weight.

Fire cure: Only real fire can be used. Candles or oil burners. They must be kept lit. Small tea candles are a very good option and very safe.

Wood cure: Plants that are growing in soil. The bigger the plant, the better. Flower pots are not an effective option since they are usually too small. Wooden furniture can only be used when real plants are impossible. Furniture is considered “dead wood”, and is therefore not very effective.