Measure Your Building Facing

Factors that determine the Building Facing Direction

  1. Consider the orientation of the building from the outside. Which way is the building built to face? Where is the building facing as a whole? Many buildings are built to face a park, an ocean or lake view, or an open space.

  1. Which is the most “Yang” side of the building? Yang refers to activity and movement, so look at the busiest area around the building. Like a main street, or a busy road. Then see if that is also the direction that the building is orientated to face.
  1. If the house is built to face two different directions, i.e. one side faces a park and the other side faces a busy road, check which side receives more light (Qi). It is usually where most windows are.

Step-by-Step Guide on how to take the Building Facing Direction

  1. Determine the building’s façade;
  2. Stand at the middle of the façade, looking outwards;
  3. Align the Cow’s Horn of your Luo Pan with the two dots (North) in the Heaven’s Pool and let the needle settle;
  4. Take the necessary directional readings.
  5. Remember: The Main Door does NOT determine the Facing Direction of a house or building!



  1. When determining the Building Facing Direction, it is IRRELEVANT where the Main Door to the building is!
  2. In the case of apartment buildings or high rises ALWAYS take the direction downstairs, in front of the building!
  3. Feng Shui formulas like Xuan Kong Flying Stars and Eight Mansions require the Facing Direction of the house – NOT the Main Door.