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Aneta asked 3 months ago

Hallo, could you please tell us something about Soul Palace and Mind Palace in Bazi? How can I interpret this? Your videos are very interesting. Thank you very much. Aneta

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Suzhong Consulting Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi Aneta
I’m happy you enjoy the videos. The understanding and interpretation of the Mind and Soul Palaces requires rather extensive studies because the interpretation is rather complex and rather esoteric. I usually offer this as part of private Bazi tutoring. 
The Mind Palace is where life begins. It is not the same as your Destiny Palace in Qimen Dunjia. One soul can have many different minds and spirits. Each lifetime, you are given one mind, one spirit. Each spirit forms one mindset, which forms your personality. This has its own perception, views on things, etc.
If you are going on a spiritual path, you are, in fact, awakening this Mind Palace.
The mind is the individual expression of your consciousness. It encompasses your thoughts and emotions and directs your beliefs. It involves connecting with the deeper essence of consciousness and connects to the deeper mind. It connects you to the Higher Self and Universal Consciousness. Here is where our beliefs and thoughts are formed.
The mind is the thought level, it is what you attract. It gives you the power to manifest and attract.
The Soul Palace is the original Divine essence, which is part of the Universe. It governs consciousness and vitality. If this disappears and disconnects from us, life is over. This is when the soul leaves the body.
The soul will not disappear. It will create different minds, different lives.
In order to analyse the Soul Palace and the Mind Palace, we need to look at these Pillars as if these are the reference points of the chart. They will then have their own unique relationships to the 10 Gods and the elements.
The Soul Palace reflects the internal essence of consciousness. It goes beyond thinking. It embodies divine qualities and was there before you were born. That’s why it’s also called Conception Palace. It is immortal and is connected to divinity.