QuestionsCan I change my destiny with my Bazi reading?
Suzhong Consulting Staff asked 4 years ago
1 Answers
Suzhong Consulting Staff answered 4 years ago

Short answer – YES
Long answer – there is a difference between fate and destiny. Your fate determines what experiences you have to go through in life. But Bazi can show you the options you have in every situation. Whichever action you take then will determine the course of our destiny.
For example – you stand at the side of a road. You have 3 options:
1) You stay put and don’t move.
2) You cross the road during heavy traffic and may get killed.
3) You cross when there’s no traffic and will get to the other side alive and well.
The only thing that is fated is that you stand at the side of the road. Bazi can then give you insight into the options you have and which ones are better than others. You then take your destiny into your own hands and decide which action you take.