QuestionsCategory: Other QuestionsCan I use the same Feng Shui cures from last year for this year?
Suzhong Consulting Staff asked 4 years ago
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Suzhong Consulting Staff answered 4 years ago

It’s impossible to use the same cures year on year. Annual Flying Stars, as their name implies, change annually. A negative Flying Star in the East sector in 2020 will move to a different sector in 2021. Therefore, if you leave the cures in place, it will not have any effect in the following year. Or even worse, it could have a negative effect. A water feature in a positive sector this year can amplify the negative energies of a star in the next year when a negative star moves into that sector. Therefore, every year, the remedies must be updated and adjusted.
Also, people have different goals and objectives every year. One year they want to get married. The next year, they want a promotion. Hence, we place different weight on different Annual Stars.
The Annual Flying Stars take effect on February 4th every year. All remedies should be put into place before that date – especially the remedies that will cure the negative energies. If you place an appropriate cure a couple of days before February 4th, the negative energies will be repelled from the get-go.
If you don’t do it before February 4th but only think about it AFTER that date, then date selection is needed to find the best possible date to implement the cures.