QuestionsCategory: Other QuestionsDo Feng Shui energies or energies in Chinese Metaphysics change on a regular basis or do they stay the same?
Suzhong Consulting Staff asked 4 years ago
1 Answers
Suzhong Consulting Staff answered 4 years ago

Energies in Chinese Metaphysics don’t just change annually, they change every 10 minutes. We just don’t use it because unless you apply Qimen Divinity or Oracle readings, it is not very practical.
Energies in Chinese metaphysics change every 10 minutes, every 2 hours, every month, every year, every 20 years, every 30 years and every 180 years! What you focus on depends on how long out you want to plan. The longer time spans are used in long-term Feng Shui or Yin House Feng Shui (graveyard Feng Shui), while the shorter ones are used for short-term residential and commercial Feng Shui, Bazi readings, Qimen Dunjia advisory, date selection, Yi Jing Oracle and Qimen divination.
People tend to focus on “ruling animals” which is really not that important. We are more concerned with the types of elements that come along with the animal sign. This is what we analyse, not so much the animal sign itself. We check how the respective elements that come along with each time frame interact with you, your actions, your life, your plans.