QuestionsCategory: BaziHelp with conflicting Day and Year Branches in Bazi Chart.
Kelly asked 1 year ago
1 Answers
Suzhong Consulting Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Kelly – what is it exactly you’re asking about? Are you concerned about a Clash between your Day and Year Branch? This is usually not a bad clash and may just mean that you might not have a very close relationship with your distant relatives or that you’re not so comfortable when it comes to networking and building connections. It also matters quite a bit WHICH Branches are clashing, as they have different meanings. But if you’re just concerned about Day vs. Year, then the above explanation holds. Also, it’s not something that will bother you on a day to day basis – you will only really feel this when you go through a year that has the same Earthly Branch as either your Day Branch or your Year Branch. For example if your Day Branch is a Snake and your Year Branch is a Pig, then this will only be triggered in Snake or Pig years or, on a smaller scale, in Snake and Pig months.¬†