Questionslike a Feng Shui audit, do I need to update my Bazi reading on a regular basis?
Suzhong Consulting Staff asked 4 years ago
1 Answers
Suzhong Consulting Staff answered 4 years ago

Many of my clients get a Bazi reading on an annual basis to see what the upcoming year brings. Generally speaking, there are 2 different types of readings.
1. You have specific questions that are not necessarily based on a short time frame. For example – what career is best for me? When will I find my life partner? Will I suffer from a life-threatening disease at some point in my life? What should I study? What are my inherent skill and talents and how can I work on my weaknesses? These will not need to be repeated annually.
2. Annual Bazi Reading: this reading will evaluate all aspects of a person’s life but focuses solely on one year to see what areas are going to change and whether those changes are smooth or harsh. It also gives you insight into how you best react to these changes and what needs to be done to make this particular year a successful year, despite challenges that might be looming ahead