QuestionsCategory: Other QuestionsWhat does the term “Nobleman Luck” mean?
Suzhong Consulting Staff asked 4 years ago
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Suzhong Consulting Staff answered 4 years ago

In Chinese Metaphysics, the term “Nobleman” refers to people who can help you in times of need and crisis – be that in personal life or in your career. They can be male or female. Having a Nobleman in your life can empower you by collaborating with him or her, utilizing their knowledge, skills and resources. Noblemen often appear in one’s life as mentors, friends, business partners, clients who give you referrals and positive word of mouth, etc.
The tasks of a Metaphysics Master is to identify a person’s Noblemen (there can be more than one), where to find them, when to find them, when to ask for help, and how best to make use of the help and assistance they provide. Of course, there’s a give and take aspect to this, so YOU are most certainly the Nobleman for someone else out there who needs help!