QuestionsCategory: Feng ShuiWhat happened last year?
Lucy Cook asked 3 years ago

Why did we see all those challenges, calamities, what does Classical Feng Shui say about 2020?

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Suzhong Consulting Staff answered 3 years ago

It’s not so much what Feng Shui says (after all, Feng Shui only deals with land and buildings, not global events), but rather what Chinese Astrology (Bazi) and Chinese Metaphysics as a whole has to say about it. From a metaphysical perspective, we are in the process of entering a new era, also called “Period 9”. This will bring entirely new energies and a global shift in awareness. The transition will be complete in 2024, but the halfway point of the transition was in 2020 – and coincided with the Great Conjunction, the meeting of Jupiter and Saturn in our sky. These events, all happening at the same time, usually bring along events of a global magnitude – such as the Cold War or, in our case, a global pandemic. You can read more about this here: