Home Office Feng Shui That Works!


Working at home can be a challenge. Maybe you find yourself feeling restless and unable to settle down and concentrate. Or maybe you’re feeling sluggish, unmotivated, and uninspired. A few home office Feng Shui tweaks might make all the difference!


Desk Placement

If you’re sitting at your desk now, take a moment to notice the position of the door in relation to where you’re sitting. You don’t want your desk to face the door! Seeing it is fine, but sitting directly opposite the door is not a great idea. All the Qi entering the room is then hitting your desk full force and this will create volatile and uncomfortable energies for work. You won’t be able to focus. Make sure not to have your back to the door either. You’ll find yourself constantly looking behind yourself to check the doorway, it’s not a positioning that will feel ‘safe’. 


Where you want to place yourself in relation to windows is going to depend a lot on what is outside those windows. If you’re overlooking something pleasant, well that’s great! If you spot anything negative, you’ll need to think again. In this situation, negative means anything that makes you feel uncomfortable – trust your gut! Pylons are not great, nor is anything pointing right at you, such as an antenna or the corner of a building. If you see one of these uncomfortable things out your window, it’s a good idea to not sit looking out of, or with your back towards the window, as you’ll be putting yourself right in the line of any negative energies. 



There is no substitute for a solid wall. If you’re able to place your desk so your back is against the wall, that will be the safest and most secure position. If you don’t have a suitable wall, a partition will do in its place. 


Stiff shoulders, sore neck, aching back, headaches, migraines. All things that can be a side effect of long hours in an uncomfortable chair, hunched over a computer. If you’ve placed your desk under a structural beam, you’re going to compound these problems hugely. Structural ceiling beams send compressed and condensed energies to everything underneath them. 



Warming rays of sunlight make everyone feel better! And like so many things in Feng Shui, if you trust what naturally feels good, normally you’ll be right. Sunlight is a natural carrier of vibrant and dynamic energy/ A sunny home office will lead to inspired ideas and plenty of pep! A windowless home office is something to be avoided wherever possible. 

Activate the Annual Academic Star

This one isn’t such an easy fix, it will require a bit more prep work. The academic star is not in the same place each year. In 2021, it’s in the East. The best would be to position yourself in the East sector, then you naturally “soak up” the academic energies needed for your work. This is not just great for children and students who have to work from home, but also for any type of focused and concentrated work. 


Use Annual 1, 6, 8, 4, 9 Stars to meet your goals. 

For all of these, it’s far far better to physically sit in these sectors rather than activate them with a water cure. Taking action in the right sector, especially when you’re working from home, is the real route to results. 

Do you need help in your career from mentors, teachers, or people at work? Or are you desperate for repeat business from loyal customers? Try sitting in the South sector with the #1 Annual Nobleman Star.

Are you working on a side project? Sitting in the West with the Annual #8 Primary Wealth Star will create more work, and with it, more income. 

Maybe you want more profit (who doesn’t!) If you’re working in sales or any department that directly contributes to the profits of a company, sit in the Northeast with the Annual #9 Secondary Wealth Star 

If you’re trying to level up and master a skill, sit in the East with the Annual #4 Academic Star.

And finally, if you want to gain authority and be indispensable to your company, sit in the Centre with the Annual #6 Authority Star, and watch as people listen to you and hear you out, then implement your ideas. 


The final point for home office Feng Shui we’ve not got time to touch on properly is how facing one of your favourable directions can make all the difference. For that, you’ll have to contact me! 


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