For Feng Shui, We Need to Move Your Liver Above your Lungs

Although many use Feng Shui primarily to improve their wealth and relationship prospects, Feng Shui is an extremely powerful tool to mitigate health problems.

In order to do so, we need to get away from the notion that placing a “lucky” object somewhere in your home will suddenly and dramatically improve your property’s Feng Shui. Rather, we work with the energy imprints of the Flying Stars and sectors in your home to determine where a problem originates and how it can be remedied.

We need to also take a person’s Bazi Astrology chart into account when we look for health issues within a property. (Find your free Bazi plotter here.) The elemental analysis of a person’s chart gives us information about the condition of the physical organs, their secondary physical correspondences, the patient’s mentality, emotions, and spiritual virtues.

Wood Element Resonances

An imbalanced or harmed Wood element can result in gallstones, high cholesterol, nail problems, vision problems, tendon and joint problems. On an emotional level, this type of imbalance can result in anger issues, rage and depression.

Fire Element Resonances

The triple heater is in charge of the metabolism and the ability to break down fats. An imbalanced Fire element can therefore result in putting on weight. It can also cause heart palpitations, digestive issues, problems in social relationships and intimate relationships.

If there is no Fire or only very little Fire in a person’s chart, then this person’s Fire “has gone out”, they feel a lack of joy or love in their lives and it is sometimes even difficult to smile.

Earth Element Resonances

The Earth element also governs the gums and the cheeks.

People who have poor boundaries often have an Earth problem and need to learn to say no. Anxiety is also an indicator of a lack of Earth or at the very minimum a very weak Earth element.

Metal Element Resonances

This has to do with the “defensive Qi”, i.e. the immune system. One level of immunity is controlled by the lungs, hence the Metal element affinity.

A Metal imbalance often causes sadness, grief, lack of inspiration.

Since Metal also represents the colon, an imbalance can affect the digestive system and can cause constipation or diarrhea. It’s all about the ability to let go – either physically or emotionally.

Water Element Resonances

Back pain, especially chronic lower back pain, is often caused by a kidney imbalance.

Fear is also associated with Water.

Factors that Influence Health

Life Gua Sector: Whatever happens in your Life Gua sector will have more influence on you than any other sector in your property. If you have bad Stars there then the Feng Shui of the house is likely to bring you down.

Tian Yi Sector: The Tian Yi sector shows you what the property contributes to the overall health and wellbeing of all residents. If the energies and forms within the Tian Yi sector are positive, then it’s easier for everyone to stay healthy or recover.

If both the personal Life Gua sector and the Tian Yi sector are negative, you have a real problem.

Kitchen Stove: If you don’t use the stove, then the kitchen is just another room. But if you eat in the kitchen, the energies around the stove will impact the residents.

Bedroom: Since you’re spending a lot of time in the bedroom, it is critical that you have positive or at least non-harmful energies here. Positive Sitting Stars are ideal.

Personal Tai Sui: Your clash animal will be associated with a particular body part or organ. If there is a negative feature or energy in the clash animal sector, that organ will suffer.

For example, if you have a lung problem, you could check the Tiger sector to fix it. If there are negative forms or Stars in the Tiger sector, your lungs will be affected.

The sectors that represent the Earthly Branches in your Bazi chart (ALL Pillars!) are always going to influence and affect you more than the others.

Feng Shui as a Diagnostic Tool

The Flying Stars associated with the Wood element are often the culprits for health issues – particularly the Star #3.

And remember, since we are looking at the health aspect, we focus on the Sitting Stars, not the Facing Stars. Of the two, Star #3 has far more negative interactions:

The health of the Wood element is threatened when either Star #3 or Star #4 have one of these interactions.

3-6 will often cause colon and liver issues.

2-3 or 5-3 is frequently associated with spleen and stomach issues, mostly due to the Earth element being in a controlling relationship with Wood. It can cause dampness, fluid retention, cysts and tumors.

All other relationships are not that serious or harmful.

Sectors & Body Parts

Each sector in the property is associated with specific body parts and can therefore cause health issues. However, keep in mind that health issues will only manifest if the sector in question is affected by a negative external form or by untimely Flying Stars.

This is especially true if the negative form appears outside the kitchen, the bedroom or a person’s Life Gua sector.


Eyes are represented by the East and the South. The South sector is more related to spiritual awareness and vision, while physical eye problems are associated with the East.


During Covid-19 you have to make sure that the West sector is not affected by negative external or internal forms that could otherwise trigger respiratory illnesses. If the West sector is not affected by negative energies and you’d like to protect yourself from respiratory issues, then spend more time there.


Each organ is represented by a sector, an element, but also an Earthly Branch.

Here, the East sector is host to one of the negative Flying Stars combinations for health, 2-3. It impacts the Wood element because the combination is located in the East.

Not only will it affect the people who have the East (Zhen Gua) as their Life Gua sector, but also those who have the Rabbit in their Bazi chart, since the Rabbit is located in the East 2 direction on the 24 Mountain Ring.

Another example is the one below:

There is a Fire-Water Clash in the Southeast 1 Dragon direction. This will affect people who have Dragon in their Bazi chart, but also those who have the Southeast (Xun Gua) as their Life Gua.

In this way, we combine both Bazi and Feng Shui to not only diagnose potential issues but know specifically where to implement remedies and solutions to minimize health risks for all family members.

Susanne Schutz holds four Master Degrees in Chinese Metaphysics, and practices in the areas of Classical Feng ShuiBazi AstrologyDate Selection, and Qimen Dunjia. As a Chinese Metaphysics Consultant, she works closely with her clients and through detailed consultations, identifies their goals, and provides remedies and suggestions to achieve results. To book a session, contact Susanne here.