Identify Your Wealth Blocks with Quimen Dunjia

Many of my clients come to me with financial concerns. Often, they feel that considering the hours and the effort they are putting into their careers, they should be seeing better fiscal results. Others feel that the money in their account seems to always be flowing out, instead of in. Others still, are plagued by debt, and feel as if they are constantly swimming against the current.

If you are struggling with financial difficulties, and you feel as though something is standing in the way of your financial freedom, a Qimen Dunjia Destiny Chart is a great tool to discover what that could be. I’ll take you through how to do this in the video below.

Using this ancient wisdom, you will be able to see what is holding you back financially, and what kind of wealth or money blocks you brought into this life. Once we know what these blocks are, you can understand how to resolve them.

If these blocks are not addressed, they will continuously manifest in your life, and may prevent you from achieving the financial freedom you so desperately seek. Identifying and resolving these blocks will also ensure that you have a healthy relationship with money moving forward.

To be able to identify your wealth blocks, you will need a Qimen Dunjia Destiny Plotter. Try this one here.

Susanne Schutz holds four Master Degrees in Chinese Metaphysics, and practices in the areas of Classical Feng ShuiBazi AstrologyDate Selection, and Qimen Dunjia. As a Chinese Metaphysics Consultant, she works closely with her clients and through detailed consultations, identifies their goals, and provides remedies and suggestions to achieve results.

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