Love Is…Being Stupid Together

From a Bazi perspective, each Day Master loves differently. Or rather, acts differently when in love. A lot of misunderstandings happen when we take our own perception of how one should behave when being in love and project that onto another person – a person who may be a totally different character than we are. In cases like these, it helps to know and understand the “Day Masters in love”.

First, check your Day Master, or that of the person in question. Find a free Bazi Plotter here.

Wu Earth Day Master

Wu Earth Day Masters are an interesting bunch. They are as blunt and straightforward as can be – and yet it’s probably their most endearing character trait. There are two types of people – the ones who love and fall for flattery, and the ones who prefer honesty no matter how painful it may be. The latter pretty much sums up the Wu Earth Day Masters.

The affectionate side of Wu Earth is found in their actions – never in their words. They are wired in such a way that they will only share their emotions or thoughts at the very last minute and therefore there is no nuance. You may need to nudge them so they can muster the courage to speak before they have no choice as to be blunt. But their actions are pretty clear – they are very nice, reliable confidants, they listen and remember your daily woes and nurture you through pain back to happiness.

However, be careful not to push their buttons. Worst for them is to be triggered in public or to made to lose face in front of others. When you do this, they will first react in a most passive-aggressive way. They will pretend you don’t exist and will not speak to you for a very long time. If you pretend to not notice, they will resort to verbal attacks that are laced with hurtful sarcasm. If you ignore this as well, they will erupt like a volcano. Unless the other party apologizes at this point, the relationship will be forever shattered.

Ding Fire Day Master

Ding Fire Day Masters are masters of high drama – but romantic they are not. They tend to grandiose gestures and on the other side of the spectrum – awkward moments.

When they are not giddy in love, they can still be quite inspiring. When head over heels in love they are engaging and will give you their undivided attention. Their phone is rarely in sight, irrelevant appointments all cancelled. They do make you feel like their world revolves around you, and you only.

Their dramatic and over the top ways are intensified when they are upset, angry or feel like you don’t pay them enough attention. They will need a LOT of assurance and validation, which makes them rather high maintenance. The ‘dramatic’ part in them can indulge in some sort of self-harm when they are upset or feel neglected. This can be as simple as injuring themselves, but of then they will choose another person to be with, even if they don’t love that person, simply to show the one they DO love what it’s like to live without them.

Bing Fire Day Master

The Bing Fire Day Master is the one with the least need for emotional maintenance. They already function well on their own, all independent, self-sufficient and ever-ready to give as much as they can. They have a sense of self-righteousness about them which can make them a bit overbearing at times.

They are at their best when coupled with a Xin Day Master or a Gui Day Master.

Yi Wood Day Master

The main difference between a Xin Metal Day Master and a Yi Wood Day Master is that the latter comes with attachments, hence human relationships is very important to them. It builds them but it is also what breaks them. They live and breathe human connections and they understand them so well that they basically know how to handle anyone under the sun.

This makes them really charming and easy to talk to. They know how to focus on you and to speak the language that resonates with you the most. The focus is always on making you happy and building memories with you. The only thing you need to be aware of is that they do this for almost everyone – particularly those they find personally beneficial. This is why (together with Xin Metal Day Masters) they do very well in politics.

When they do not get what they want, which is quite rare, they will resort to emotional blackmail. Tears, sob stories, bringing up the past and appearing way weaker than they are just to rally for more support. Yi Wood is well-versed in anger. Yi Wood’s anger comes with a smile, an entire revenge strategy, and it will wait for the right timing to take appropriate action. They hardly ever forgive or forget.

Jia Wood Day Master

We like to jokingly call Jia Wood Day Masters a block of wood – technically because that is what most of them are – sturdy, regal and dependable, but endearingly straight forward. When a Jia Wood pursues something, they most likely have already envisioned it in their future. They are rarely pursuing something or someone just for the heck of it. This can make them rather boring and rigid because being spontaneous is not one of their core strengths, reliability is. They are ultra-protective of their loved ones and will shelter them throughout the storm. Loved ones always comes first.

However, Jia Wood Day Masters can turn rather obstinate with respect to their goals and plans. It’s always ‘my way or the highway’. Getting them to change their plans, no matter how necessary it is, is quite a daunting task. Nevertheless, they are usually extremely loyal provided you do not rattle their tree too much or unearth their entire foundation. The one and only way to get your Jia Wood Day Master to listen to your different idea is to use the phrase ‘You will grow if you do……*add awesome idea here*’.

Gui Water Day Master

Of all the people in the world, you had to choose a Gui Water Day Master… This is the star of unattainable love because most of the time a Gui Water Day Master is totally wrapped up in their own adventure and dreams, making their cold and mysterious exterior ‘look like’ the ultimate bad boy/bad girl.

One moment they are there, the next moment they are off doing something else and forgetting about you entirely and usually don’t even bother to explain. If you’ve been stood up before with the excuse of ‘Damn! I forgot!’, it’s most likely a Gui Water Day Master. Their excitement and passion only last for a short moment and if you do not quickly take action, you’ll let it slip through your fingers.

These freedom loving beings are not ALL that bad though. They are extremely intuitive and can size up most people at the first meeting. Their most endearing trait is already knowing how you feel without you needing to say it out loud – a trait that is secretly longed for by their best friend Wu Earth.

The only secret you may not know is that a Gui Water Day Master wishes someone did this for them as well. They long to be with someone wiser than them to look up to. Because they are sensitive, intuitive, and temperamental, the other half needs to be the pillar of stability for them, something they can come home to. When a Gui Water Day Master does finally choose you (and that can take a while), and provided you can put up with their temperament and super spontaneous, ever-changing plans, they will rarely ever leave.

Ren Water Day Master

Ren always looks cool, even more so when they are in love.

Don’t be worried if you see them being all quiet, anxious, unresponsive and just staring at you blankly – they are most likely trying to make sense of all those fuzzy whirlwind emotions within themselves. They’ve always been known to suppress their feelings/emotions well. It’s either all calm, cool and collected or… it will be a tsunami. This makes them difficult to understand and gauge sometimes. But once you get over that awkward phase, a Ren Water Day Master will be extremely attentive. They want to share their world with their partner and share all their resources with them – which is why they are best matched with the (high emotional maintenance) Ding Fire Day Master. For Ren Water Day Masters, once they are committed, it’s extremely difficult (and messy) to part ways.

Of all 10 Day Masters, Ren Water Day Masters are the most emotional, even if you could never tell just from looking at them. They are calm and collected when it comes to most things in life, but when it comes to matters of the heart, they just can’t deal – at least not effectively. Hence, they usually express their emotions with the most basic reactions – aloofness and coolness, full blown anger or hard-hitting sarcasm.

Xin Metal Day Master

Xin Metal Day Masters are witty, charming and one of those Day Master types that have the natural ability to say things that people want to hear. People are naturally drawn to them for this reason alone. In any conversation, they always appear worldly and engaging. That being said, some Xin Metal Day Masters have more substance than others.

For example, most Xin Metal Day Masters cannot take hardship, with the exception of Xin Chou. People born on a Xin Chou Day will have to put in more effort than anyone else to shine, but they will hardly ever complain when things don’t go their way.

You may not want to piss off a Xin Metal Day Master because amongst all the Day Masters, they can and will plot their revenge and will get others to carry out this task for them – they show no mercy to those who offended them and will cut you off like you’ve never even existed.

Geng Metal Day Master

You will always know when a Geng Metal Day Master is in love because more often than not it will be written all over their face. Their usually strong and cool demeanour will give way to their much softer and romantic side. They will always chase the object of their desire – even the females are more than willing to pull out all the stops. Imagine someone taking the lead over most of your worries, fights all your battles for you and goes out of their way to make you feel like you’re the centre of the Universe.

The only issue is that once passion evolves to stability, the Geng Metal Day Master automatically returns to his/her usual self – the battle has already been won. Geng Metal Day Masters are very Alpha (including the females) and do not take well to being challenged in any way, nor being told what to do. When caught in a bad relationship they usually end up being in denial and handle it rather poorly.

Ji Earth Day Master

When a Ji Earth Day Master is in love, they naturally give their all to their loved ones. This makes them rather self-sacrificial because they generally care about their loved ones more than they do about themselves. They also always seem to know when and where to get what you want done.

On the flipside, they do not like to share nor bother others with their internal thoughts much, making them seem rather secretive. They are also extremely stubborn and will turn egoistical when their values, views or believes are being challenged.

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