Money Talks but All Mine Ever Says Is “Goodbye!”

When we look at wealth blocks, it always helps to focus not just on a person’s Bazi chart, but to also take their property’s Feng Shui into consideration.

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Most clients simply want us to “activate the Wealth Star”. But when it comes to the topic of wealth and finances, we must first identify the root cause of the financial woes a client is facing. Some of the most common issues we encounter when advising clients are the following:

“My career seems to be stuck/I don’t seem to be able to climb the career ladder.”
“My salary/income is ok but I don’t seem to be able to save money.”
“I always have unexpected expenses, despite my efforts to save money.”
“I don’t seem to have any wealth opportunities.”

On the surface, all of them have to do with money and finances, but from a Feng Shui perspective, we have to treat all of them differently in order to address the root causes. It is not good enough to simply activate a “Wealth Star”. This will only bring increased cash flow, but it will not eliminate the issue itself.

Let’s discuss each ‘woe’ in more detail.

“My career seems to be stuck/I don’t seem to be able to climb the career ladder.” 

When addressing this particular issue, we first plot the client’s Bazi chart and identify his/her Life Star:

Each Life Star represents a Gua. In the above example, it is Xun Gua. Xun Gua also represents the Southeast sector.


It therefore follows that the Life Star sector for this person is the Southeast sector of the property.

How do we know that the Life Star 4 is Xun Gua and resides in the Southeast? We check the Luo Shu Chart, which is the base model for all Feng Shui calculations:

Exception: Number 5 Life Star. For a male client with the #5 Life Star, we will change this to #2 (Kun Gua/Southwest) and for a female client we will change it to #8 (Gen Gua/Northeast). This is ONLY for Feng Shui purposes!

In the next step, we have to identify this Life Gua sector within the actual property. In order to do so, we stand in the centre of the property or flat and take directions:

The entire highlighted area will be this person’s Life Gua sector.

To help improve the Qi flow in this sector, ensure that you occasionally open the door (if there is one) or the windows and keep the Qi moving.

Keep this area as uncluttered as possible and do not place too many pieces of heavy furniture there as this could lead to blockages. The more spacious the area is, the better.

Keep it clean, tidy and spacious. This will loosen up the Qi in your Life Gua sector and revitalize it, thereby revitalizing YOU. Doing this will create movement in your life. When you have movement in your life you will have to analyse what is stopping you from moving forward in your career.

Learn something new and acquire a new skill. This will be much easier once the Qi is unblocked. Otherwise, there will be constant blockages – mental, emotional, professional and, as a result, financial.

If you do not have a window or a door in your Life Gua sector, then ensure that the flow from the main door to your Life Gua sector is unobstructed.

If at all possible, remove walls that could potentially block the flow. But this is obviously not an option in an apartment or condominium, unless you own the apartment and have the freedom to make changes as you see fit.

On the off chance that your Life Gua sector is missing from your property (this happens when you have an irregular floor plan), then this method cannot be applied. You also won’t get much support in life. Whatever good Feng Shui there is in the house, you will not receive it because it cannot penetrate your Life Gua sector.

It is crucial to check your Life Gua sector is “present” before moving into a property!

“My salary/income is ok but I don’t seem to be able to save money.”

This is indeed one of the more common problems clients raise when they are asked to define their financial issue. And it is also one of the easiest to fix because this type of problem is usually caused by a lack of financial literacy.

You are simply not good at managing your finances – and this doesn’t really have anything to do with the Feng Shui of your property.
However, you can easily fix this by getting smarter – and that’s something Feng Shui can help you with.

First, plot your Bazi chart and identify your Intelligence Star:

Here, the Intelligence Star and its energies are found in the Rabbit.

Now stand in the centre of your apartment and look for East 2, which is also the Rabbit direction.

If this is a sector or area of your home you can actually use to work or study in, then locate yourself here and study financial management, accounting, bookkeeping, anything to do with financial literacy.

Use this sector to learn. The Intelligence Star residing in this area will boost your ability to acquire and absorb new knowledge. This is the best way to trigger your learning skills.

This method can also be applied if you are sharing a flat with others and you only occupy one room within that flat. Use the small Taiji method, e.g., instead of finding the Intelligence Star location in the flat, check where it is in your room. This is where you place your desk.
If the Intelligence Star falls into your Personal Breaker sector (the Animal Sign that clashes with your Year Pillar), then you will likely experience some unpleasant side effects while also enhancing your learning skills. These side effects could include changes in your life, your career, your personal life, etc.

In order to minimize these side effects, check whether or not you have any Sha Qi features outside this particular area of the property. If not, then this sector is still fine and definitely usable. If there are indeed negative features visible on the external of your Intelligence sector and it is also your Personal Breaker sector, then it is best to avoid spending too much time here, lest you will be experiencing negative health effects.

“I always have unexpected expenses, despite my efforts to save money.” 

This type of financial issue is usually caused by a Qi leakage, wherein positive Qi is leaking from your property.
What constitutes a Qi leakage?


Many properties have storm drains all around the house, and especially in front of the front door or main entrance. This is very detrimental to Qi flow and will lead to Qi draining out and away from your property.

The best way to fix this is by covering the drain, ideally with solid slabs with some holes or gaps so storm or rain water can still drain from the property. The picture on the left requires such solid slabs in order to remedy the issue, while the drain on the right picture can be fixed by simply placing a car mat on top of it.

Pulling Nose Qi 

Pulling Nose Qi happens whenever the main door is facing a staircase or a slope that leads Qi away from the property:

If it is at all possible there should be an obstruction or a barrier between the main door and this type of slope to prevent the Qi from escaping from the property.

Front Door to Back Door Alignment 

Whenever you have the front door in direct alignment with the back door without any obstruction or walls in between, the Qi that enters the front door will go straight back out of the back door, leaving the property void of any positive energy.

The left and right picture shows the main door in direct alignment with the back door or the balcony/terrace door.

The middle picture shows how you can remedy this, by placing an obstruction in between.

“I don’t seem to have any wealth opportunities.” 

This is a more difficult issue to solve because you need natural water features.

Whenever you have to look for a new office space, always try to find a business premise that is close to water. It is important that you actually see the water from your office windows. As an example, in the picture below, the buildings that are sandwiched in between the river will do very well:

You can also try to find a property that is near a pond or a lake:

But what if you don’t have natural water near you? Then look for a roundabout near the property. Roundabouts are considered “virtual water” in Feng Shui and act as conductors of Qi:

If you have this in your immediate vicinity, then you are able to tap into virtual water. Corner units/properties will prosper more because they are closest to the roundabout.

In case you live or work in a property that sees neither natural water or a roundabout in its proximity, then look for road junctions. Road junctions are also considered Qi mouths and can help funnel positive energies towards your property.

The closer you are to the Qi Mouth, the more wealth opportunities you will have.

When you have a Qi mouth in your area – whether that be a natural one or a virtual one, you can then apply special Feng Shui methods to tap into this Qi.

Such methods include the popular San He formula “Dragon Orchestrating Method”.

Susanne Schutz holds four Master Degrees in Chinese Metaphysics, and practices in the areas of Classical Feng ShuiBazi AstrologyDate Selection, and Qimen Dunjia. As a Chinese Metaphysics Consultant, she works closely with her clients and through detailed consultations, identifies their goals, and provides remedies and suggestions to achieve results.

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