3 Clear Ways Bazi Astrology Can Future-Proof Your Children

Children nowadays are only trained to succeed; they cannot handle failure. For most adults today, failure was something you go through and learn from. But today, children and young adults do not handle failure well at all. This is why we see an increased number of suicides in children and young adults.

When looking at Bazi Astrology, we can see that this is very much reflected in the past 3 metaphysical Periods we have gone through. The common timely/auspicious Star in Periods 6, 7, and 8 was Star #8. We’ve used this Wealth Star for 60 years. This Star has to do with effort, with money through hard work. The more effort you put into your work, the more you get out of it.

This, in turn, translated into the parenting approach for the past 60 years.

However, we are now moving into Period 9. The transition has started in 2017 and will be complete in 2024. In Period 9, there is no more Star #8 to take advantage of. This means that our ways of life, the way we approach work and career, will have to change as well. And so, our parenting style has to adapt.

Unfortunately, we are still using Star #8 – simply because this is the only way of life most of us know. But this won’t work anymore going forward. We need to adapt and change our entire education and parenting approach.

Before you read on, it might be helpful to map your chart.

father lifts up daughter

Trend 1 – Revolution in the Education System

Period 9 is associated with Li Gua. Li Gua, in turn, represents middle-aged women. We can therefore assume that from 2024 onwards, we will see an increasing number of women rising to the top.

The Fire element also stands for IT and all types of advanced technologies. We will be moving more and more towards a fully automated society. Our current generation and the two generations before us grew up in the industrial age – this is what we are used to. Our children, however, will be all about artificial intelligence and automation.

Everything that works on a fixed pattern, even driving a car, can, and will be, automated. Therefore, we will have to change our education system to match this trend and ready our kids for this new reality.

You can no longer require children to memorize things, they are now battling against machines. Everything today is connected to a computer or a cloud. And if we’re trying to compete with a robot to solve a math problem, humans will always lose.

Don’t force your child to learn repetitive patterns, such as multiplication tables. These are tasks computers will take on and humans will never be able to compete with a computer. Therefore, this outdated teaching style is becoming obsolete. You need to teach your child to a) use computers and AI, and b) learn things a computer cannot do.

“Disruptive Learning” will become the norm. E-learning is the future and we have to prepare our children for this. In a way, the Covid-19 pandemic is preparing us for the future of learning.

We need to learn to use virtual realities and simulate “real” experiences. This is how we learn to react and perform tasks under real circumstances without putting ourselves in danger.

All of these are Fire related activities, corresponding with Period 9, a Fire Period. How much attention you can capture will determine your earning capacity. Hard work and effort will not be the determining factors anymore.

parent and daughter

Trend 2 – Conscious Parenting using the Bazi Chart

The parent’s perspective on parenting can be derived by reading the parent’s Hour Pillar. The Heavenly Stem and the Earthly Branch located in the Hour Pillar will give you information about how you perceive your future and how you treat your children.

(Mind you that the chart of a parent does not clash with the chart of the child. If the parent’s Hour Pillar is Rabbit and the child’s Year Pillar is Rooster, it does NOT mean that they are clashing)

However, what the child needs is found in the child’s Year Pillar (this is valid for children below the age of 15). Very rarely do the child’s Year Pillar and the parent’s Hour Pillar match. That’s where the first tension point in a child’s life arises. What YOU think is right may not be what your child needs – particularly if you grew up in Periods 6, 7, or 8 and your child is growing up in Period 9!

Check the 10 Gods in your child’s Year Pillar to find out what your child truly needs. For example, if there is a Direct Officer in the Heavenly Stem of the child’s Year Pillar, your child needs to learn self-discipline.

parent and child bazi

Trend 3 – Focus on the Child’s True Needs

The Year Pillar of the child will also tell you who is required to be present in the child’s life up until the age of 15 or thereabouts. Who are the people that will have the most influence on the child’s early development?

To see which people your child needs most at an early age check the 10 Gods in the child’s Year Pillar (most importantly, the Heavenly Stem, then also take the Main Qi of the Hidden Stems into consideration).

The key is to match the parenting requirements discussed above with the child’s actual needs. Then there will be less friction raising the child – especially if parenting is done with the help of the person that is indicated in the child’s Year Pillar. That might be an uncle, a grandparent, a much older sibling, etc.

If you compare the child’s Year Pillar with his/her first Luck Pillar you can see whether or not the child will go through a traumatic experience (such as a divorce, child abuse, death in the family, etc).

If the Year Pillar clashes with the child’s first Luck Pillar, then there will likely be some degree of suffering or pain. If you see an Uncivilized Punishment, this can be an indication of child abuse or sexual abuse.

To map both your and your child’s Bazi Charts, click here.

Susanne Schutz holds four Master Degrees in Chinese Metaphysics, and practices in the areas of Classical Feng Shui, Bazi Astrology, Date Selection, and Qimen Dunjia. As a Chinese Metaphysics Consultant, she works closely with her clients and through detailed consultations, identifies their goals, and provides remedies and suggestions to achieve results.

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