What Can Feng Shui Do For You?

Feng Shui has four major applications: 

  1. It can help you maximize your capacity, and the capacity of the property you are living in. 
  2. It can diagnose the root cause of issues you are facing in your life, and then rectify those issues. 
  3. It can help you anticipate future events, and forecast the future luck of a property.
  4. It can vastly enhance the positive energies inherent in any property.

Feng Shui

External forms always take precedence over formulas! ALL formulas – regardless of whether we are using Flying Stars or Eight Mansions, or any of the other subsystems, must first be matched with, and supported by, the external forms.

Natural External Forms

  • Hills and mountains
  • Rivers, lakes, ocean, other natural bodies of water
  • Macro appearance of the landforms in a given area
  • Shape/physical appearance of mountains and water formations
  • Incoming and outgoing water formations

Man-made External Forms

  • Neighbouring buildings
  • Roads and road formations
  • Built-up structures
  • Bridges and highways

Both natural and man-made forms can carry either Sheng Qi or Sha Qi, depending on their appearance and their direction/location in relation to the property. Extreme noise levels (for example from a waterfall in close proximity, crashing waves, or a busy highway) are also a form of Sha Qi.

Man-made forms and structures affect the Feng Shui of a place. However, it is important to know that man-made structures DO NOT generate or give birth to Qi! Only natural landforms produce Qi. Man-made structures act merely as conductors and containers of Qi.

Feng Shui

Once we’ve ascertained that the most basic natural and man-made external forms are not harming our property, we can then turn to evaluating the internal forms. Specifically, we are looking at 5 factors:

  • Main Door: This is the Qi Mouth of the property, and it is therefore of critical importance. 
  • Bedroom: This is where we spend most of our time and it is particularly important for aspects such as relationship and health. 
  • Kitchen Stove: Here, we prepare our meals, hence this is important when we evaluate health, but also career-related matters. In the kitchen, ONLY the stove is analyzed, nothing else!
  • Home Office: In case one of the residents works from home or does a lot of career-related activities from a designated area in the house, we also analyze this sector.
  • Balcony: This is another Qi Mouth and is therefore important as an additional source of energy (do not fret if you don’t have a balcony, this part is optional).

The Main Door should not be facing any obstruction – whether that be a pillar, a lamp post, or a large tree. This constitutes very bad Feng Shui, as it divides or obstructs Qi flow and prevents it from entering the property. You must remove the obstructions or shift the door.

Note: Proximity is key. As a rule of thumb – if the obstruction could fall over and “touch” your main door, it is too close and must be removed.

We do not like to see the main door aligned with a gap between two houses on the opposite side. This is called a “Sky Crack” and forces Qi through the crack and towards your main door in a very aggressive fashion.

You will have to either shift the main door or plant several high trees to form a row of trees protecting your main door from this feature.
Note: Planting only ONE tree would only add to the problem as you would then have an obstruction as discussed above.

Ceiling beams right above the main door or the balcony door(s) suppress positive Qi and push it back out of the property.

Remove the ceiling beam – especially if it is only a decorative one. When we are faced with a structural beam, this becomes a bit more complicated and you would have to lower the entire ceiling and level it out so the ceiling beam does not stick out.

In a situation where the stairs are facing the main door of a property, the residents will frequently experience cash flow issues.

Fix this by placing a large object like a table or credenza in between the bottom of the staircase and the main door.

When the main door or the bedroom door face the back door, health and relationship issues will ensue. The best thing would be to move the back door or to block it permanently.

When the main door is facing another room door, this is less severe, but can still result in minor health and relationship problems. The solution here is fairly straightforward – keep one of the doors shut permanently.

This is undesirable. When energy leaves the room, it will hit the edge of the wall and is being pushed back into the room. This usually results in health issues.

It is very difficult, if not impossible, to fix. Rather, we will analyze what kind of health issues are being triggered by this feature and then mitigate the specific health issues.

The bed should never face the bedroom door. Even if just part of the bed is in a straight alignment with the bedroom door, this is bad for healthy sleep and will also affect relationships.

Move the bed or place an obstruction between the bed and the door (paravent, folding screen, etc.).

If the headboard of your bed is placed against a window, you will likely suffer from anxiety and stress-related illnesses since this configuration prevents restful sleep. It will also result in confidence issues.

The headboard should always be placed against a solid wall.

Sleeping under a slanted ceiling or under a ceiling beam will also affect your health and relationships. Qi is being compressed downwards and onto your head and shoulders while you are sleeping. You will become more and more tense – both physically, as well as mentally/emotionally.

Move the bed to the highest point in the room, with the headboard placed against a solid wall.

As can be expected, having the stove in direct alignment with the kitchen door or right below a ceiling beam, has a negative impact on the residents’ health.

Move the stove.

Never move into a house where the stove is in direct alignment with the sink (either right next to it or directly opposite). This is considered a “Fire-Water Clash” and does not only cause arguments, but will also bring health issues related to the heart and the eyes.

Ideally, move the stove or the sink. If that is not possible, place a wooden partition between the two (if they are right next to each other), as the Wood element is able to mitigate a Fire-Water Clash.

While lovely to look at, a stove on a kitchen island is probably one of the worst Feng Shui mistakes that occur in a kitchen. This will lead to very volatile health for all residents.

Move the stove so that it rests against a solid wall. The sink can be on the island, just as long as it is not directly opposite the stove.

Now that you know a little more about Feng Shui, why not delve deeper and see how it applies to your life and your home.

Susanne Schutz holds four Master Degrees in Chinese Metaphysics, and practices in the areas of Classical Feng Shui, Bazi Astrology, Date Selection, and Qimen Dunjia. As a Chinese Metaphysics Consultant, she works closely with her clients and through detailed consultations, identifies their goals, and provides remedies and suggestions to achieve results.

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